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For his appearance in "The One with the Proposal e 68 in 2000, Selleck, for his final episode, was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. He is first mentioned in the second episode of the series, e 8 but only appears twice: first, his belly and an arm are shown in "The One with the Giant Poking Device" e 23 in which he is being poked from across the street.

Ugly Naked Guy edit Ugly Naked Guy (Jon Haugen an obese tenant in the apartment in the building across from Monica's apartmentwho frequently, perhaps invariably, is naked with the drapes openso the gang is frequently commenting on his activitiesplaying cello, wearing "gravity boots etc. With Children, and as a main character in its spin-offs, Top of the Heap and Vinnie Bobby. In "The One with the Bullies e 73 Phoebe meets him after finding the courage to knock on her father's suburban door, but learns from Frank.'s mother (played by Laraine Newman ) that her father walked out several years ago.

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