Medical check doctors anal

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Put one's foot in it - rarely used BY senior staff, sometimes used about them) Pokemon (pronounced Pokey-man) - the medic who drains abscesses (Lancelot (lance-a-lot) in the UK) Policeman Lesion - lesion on an X-ray so obvious that a policeman would spot it Poliesculhambado. Further information: Physician in the United States In the United States and Canada, the term physician describes all medical practitioners holding a professional medical degree. Crook-U - Prison Ward in a hospital (slang to match ICU - Intensive Care Unit etc) Crop Rotation - Ambulance shuttle service from nursing home to surgery and back again CRS - Cant Remember Sh*t CRT - Can't Really Treat Crumble (crumbly) - elderly patient.

ADR - Aint Doing Right, aFU BR - all f*ed up beyond repair.

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